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Owner and fully qualified Beauty Therapist since 2010

Most of Christy’s beauty career was in Hepburn Springs, Victoria at the Historic Bathhouse & Peppers Mineral Spa working alongside five star massage and spa therapists. Christy moved to Shepparton in 2015 and soon after opened ‘Beauty at Fernwood’. Risky at first, with no regular clients after just moving to the area but with the support and belief from her parents she thought why not give it a shot! 

March 2020 is when everything changed, with beauty therapy marked as non-essential with the Covid pandemic Christy closed Beauty at Fernwood and stored all of her beauty equipment at home.

Between lockdowns ‘Sweet Home Beauty’ was the next step, renovating her front room of the house where Christy treated her clients.

With all her spare time she put her mind to creating a space in Shepparton like no other. Scribbling different business names, treatment menu’s, pricelists, protocols, products all in a note book, the idea for the space where women can gather to relax and inspire one another came together.


‘We don’t take enough time out, I hope that the Bluebell Lounge inspires women to spoil themselves often rather than once in a blue moon’.

Construction of Bluebell Bathhouse commenced in August 2021 and November 19th 2021 was the first launch day!

‘The journey so far feels like an absolute blur, the local tradies did wonders on construction, my family, partner, friends and the Bluebell team have been my biggest cheerleaders. Being a business woman has it’s challenges BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way.’



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